4 inch Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

4 inch Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter
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4 inch Electric Rotary Fabric Cutter

Perfect Solution to carpo tunnel syndrome

4" electric rotary cutter can zip through up to a 1.5 inch stack of fabric, making it an incredibly versatile and powerful machine. Because it sits on small guide wheels beneath the base, it is perhaps our easiest cutting machine to operate without fatigue, especially if you need to cut long straight lines. Just roll it along the floor or a table and in seconds you are finished.

Cut your cloth cleanly, neatly and without fuss with this professional 4" octagonal bladed fabric cutting machine.

The combination of the octagonal blade, with carbide tipped and spring loaded lower blade, prevents the fabric from jamming. Best used for light to medium weight fabrics and woven or loosely knit fabric.

Octagonal cutting blade

Versatile, lightweight machine

Built-in sharpening mechanism

High-power electric motor

Extra-thin base plate


Blade size: 4" (100mm)

Blade shape: octagonal

Cutting capacity: 1 (25mm)

Power: 100W

Power supply: 110V, 50Hz

Weight: 2.9kg

Brand new and boxed

4" octagonal cutting blade

Spare grinding wheel

Power cable


Allen keys

Oil bottle


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